Artful Living


The Life You Create

The funny thing about living artfully is that it almost never requires the internet. Sure, the internet provides all sorts of amazing connections and communities from which I draw much of my inspiration. But in all honesty, the internet makes me want to imitate, not create. I end up watching tutorials for re-creating a craft or project that someone else invented.

I think I’m at my most creative when I’m outside, in the dirt or at a gallery, doing things that require touch and spontaneity and eye contact. Sometimes when I see toddlers or babies, I feel so jealous at the way they see the world– so overstimulated, needing to touch and taste everything. I want the world to be like that: touchable and tastable. While I’m thinking about it, Last Child in the Woods is a really good book on this topic.

So anyways, the reason I haven’t been updating is because I’ve been living. 




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