Summer Sketchbook


DIY Sketchbook

I’ve posted before about the benefits of making your own books, but I think those reasons are only magnified when making a sketchbook. Because technically, I could journal on anything (a significant other’s tummy, perhaps?)– but when I’m making art, the materials really do matter. Making my own sketchbook means that I can include really nice art papers, watercolor paper, a simple but sturdy cover material, just right page size…

Thus, my summer sketchbook. I bought a stack of large sheets of various art papers: hot and cold press watercolor, two-, three-, and four-ply bristol, and some papers I had never even used before. I also made sure to get different colors– cream, grey, off-white, and bright-white, for a variety. I used red wax thread and a coptic stitch to bind. The cover is mat board, reinforced on one side with duct tape. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll decorate the cover, but the stickers that are on there are extra “birds” labels from a project at the environmental center where I work. The paper dimensions are 11″x11″, which is larger than a normal piece of printer paper, but not too large to carry in my shoulder bag.

(Click on the thumbnails to view full size images)

Here’s what I’ve been drawing in the hot sticky Virginia weather:

I want to be a children’s book illustrator! Done in pastel and watercolor

This one made me want to draw a graphic novel. Done in pen and ink





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