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Four Things I’m Digging Lately


The Freecycling Network: a way for freecyclers to organize from city to city. Rad.


Men who take their wives’ last name: “I never suspected that as a man I had been given an extra portion of power in the global allotment.”


Literary tattoos. But if  I see one more Kurt Vonnegut quote, I’m removing this from my bookmarks.


This fucking amazing house, which has no carbon footprint and looks like a modern monastery:



Walkway Gets A Makeover

I mentioned a while ago that I was laying a sidewalk, but I never returned to the subject to celebrate my victorious task. Growing up in ol’ Thomas Jefferson’s hometown has trained me to see bricks pretty well. So, now I am seeing a future as a female bricklayer. Badass.



I am getting very close with the Lowe’s employees this summer. There is an old woman who works in the garden section with bandages on her hands. A young mother stands behind the counter in the return section and always seems about to fall asleep at the register. All the other sections in that massive store are filled with men, all ages, who I watched stand around and talk when they were supposed to be helping me lift gravel into the car. It’s a hard-knock life.

The Art Dump Continues


Residuum - dig.

(This one I did for my sister)


Speaking of Self Indulgent…

I’m on such an art roll– I’m finally photographing all this work I’ve had lying around.

Which made me wonder– what’s a girl to do with all her art when she’s not an artist? I don’t go to art school, and I don’t plan to make this my primary source of income. I don’t produce enough quantity to open an Etsy shop, nor would I have the time to maintain one. I don’t have enough cohesion in my pieces to approach a gallery about having a show, so basically… basically what?

I’m no Marxist, but I believe firmly in productivity. And while art is absolutely a therepeutic thing for me, I don’t feel comfortable devoting so much time and money towards something so self-indulgent.

Basically, I don’t want to be an “Artist.” My reason is that I don’t believe that only “artists” make art– so do bakers, and writers, and bricklayers.

Speaking of indulgent (!) here’s a self portrait from last semester:

“Deconstructed Self Portrait”




I know it looks like false eyelashes, but actually I overlapped two different self-portraits of myself, one looking down and one looking directly at the camera.

Anyways, about that art question, I figure here are my options:

  • Anonymously mail art to names I choose out of the phonebook
  • Start to give art as gifts (note to self: will require money for framing)
  • Become a guerrilla artist and start replacing public ads with art
  • Become old and crotchety, and leave everything piled up in my musty old house until someday I die and leave a massive body of work behind me. The point? I’m not sure.
  • …other suggestions?

Some Watercolors

I have a lot of art that I need to scan/photograph and post here. Here’s a beginning:

Alimenti 1

Alimenti watercolor

(I’ve posted the 2nd one before, sorry)

For the sake of my portfolio page, I figured I should post some older watercolors as well. So, here you go!

[WARNING: some nudity! I don’t know how to make that optional, so if you’re offended, then, uh, don’t scroll down]


New Tools!

New Tools

I cashed some paychecks yesterday, so I decided to purchase a set of water-soluble color tools. Little did I know how overwhelmed I would be by the choices.. so I ended up holding off my purchase until I could read some reviews online. Instead, I bought a few individual items to try them out.

From left to right: Kuretake water brush, a Derwent watersoluble Graphitone in 8B, 3 Derwent watercolour pencils, 2  Derwent Aquatones, and a pencil that isn’t shown in this photo but is included below.

Derwent Watercolour Pencils

I was deciding between Derwent, Prismacolor, and Faber Castell watercolour pencils. And then I saw Derwent’s ink-tense pencils, and some watercolour crayons, and decided to opt out of the decision. The Derwent pencils were the only ones available individually, which is why they came home with me. I bought a light color (Turquoise Blue), a bright color (Magenta), and a somewhat dark color (Bottle Green)– just to test a range out.

Derwent Aquatones

Kuretake Water Brush - Medium

I really like the water brush technology, though I don’t want to give up my brush roll for the sake of convenience.

Derwent Graphitone - 8B

I don’t know how I feel about the graphitones. I need to play around more with them. Here’s a test that I did to try the 8B out:

Koh-I-Noor Hardmuth Triograph 1830 pencil

Koh-I-Noor Hardmuth Triograph 1830 pencil

I’m totally into this pencil. It’s huge, but not childish. The triangle-shape reminds me of carpenter’s pencils, which I fell in love with this summer while working construction on an apartment (the pencils are angles either flat or triangular so that they don’t roll off a roof). PencilTalk tells me that it weighs 11.2 grams. And, like the Pencil Talk review, I keep noticing the attractive wood finish. It feels expensive, like a real wood stain, which is something I was most struck by in the process of whittling my own pen a few months ago. This pencil also requires sharpening by knife, which I find super-therapeutic (too much information?]

(using all tools except the triograph)

“Elf Hats,” My Sister Calls Them


I love baby tomatoes! They look like they’re wearing hats.


An “about to be” tomato

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