Uni-ball Style Fit

The Uni-ball Style Fit is actually a “Multi Pen System”, which sounds like it should perhaps have an infomercial and help you to lose ten pounds. Nonetheless, I ordered it on a whim (…as opposed to, uh, the times when I’m in desperate need of a pen and there’s not a one in sight)

A writing sample:

(As always, click on the images to view a larger version)


The Review

(some of this may be repeated from the written sample)

I didn’t really have the funds to purchase another handful of Uni-ball Signo DX’s, so I figured this was a way to cheat the system. Apparently, the cartridges for the Style Fit are the same cartridges for the Signo; thus, three-for-one! I’ve always thought that multi-pens were rather clunky, but I think I may be remembering cheapo-versions from my childhood.

In any case, the Style Fit is decidedly not clunky:


The problem I’ve had with some 0.28 pens is that the body of the pen is too skinny for my hands. Even though I do have small hands, I also have big problems with tension/carpal tunnel in my writing hand, so I’ve had to transition to fatter-bodied pens that require less pressure on the page (i.e. fountain pens). I’ve also had to alter my tight, architectural handwriting to the more loopy version you see above 😦

I do think I should have chosen darker color cartridges with such a fine line– the lime green and light blue feel a little too gossamer for note taking. I also had some trouble with the blue cartridge skipping, though I might have left some wax on the tip when removing it from the package. Hopefully it’ll smooth out, but I included a detailed scan to show the skipping anyways:


Another handy thing is that the cartridges come in teeny cartridge cases. So, if I decide to get a darker-colored cartridge to replace either the blue or green, I can keep the older one stored away until I want to use it again.

Oh, p.s. the dark cartridge is brown-black, not black. I don’t think I mentioned that in the written review.


1 Response to “Uni-ball Style Fit”

  1. 1 Christine October 24, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    Hi – just found your post about the Uni Ball Style Fit. I think I am getting the 5 color version, to build a multi with 3 x 0.5 mm pencil (it will have blue, white, and regular leads) + 2 pen colors.

    Can you tell me how long your Uni Ball Style Fit is? I can’t find dimensions anywhere online.

    Thanks a bunch!

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