Gays or Southerners: You Choose

“How many poor jokes with malice against American Southerners, conservatives and Christians does it take for NY critics to label something funny?”

–from a commenter on the NYTimes Review of “Bruno”

My only contribution to the discussion is to agree wholeheartedly with this comment. “Borat” was groundbreaking, and “Bruno” could have been as well– if they had chosen a different target for exposure. Of course rural areas and the South are generally more homophobic; we already know that, and making fun of this demographic only reinforces a sense of superiority among the urban/North.*

“Bruno” could have infiltrated a WASP-y fraternity, or a suburban dinner club, with better results. The bottom line is, there is no point confronting homophobia in the U.S. if you are going to oppress another marginalized group  in the process.

* On a totally different note, I’d pay to see a film about the liberal South, those little enclaves and communes of revolutionary farmers and free-minded young folks with good manners. Y’know, all those reasons why I’m still here.


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