Speaking of Self Indulgent…

I’m on such an art roll– I’m finally photographing all this work I’ve had lying around.

Which made me wonder– what’s a girl to do with all her art when she’s not an artist? I don’t go to art school, and I don’t plan to make this my primary source of income. I don’t produce enough quantity to open an Etsy shop, nor would I have the time to maintain one. I don’t have enough cohesion in my pieces to approach a gallery about having a show, so basically… basically what?

I’m no Marxist, but I believe firmly in productivity. And while art is absolutely a therepeutic thing for me, I don’t feel comfortable devoting so much time and money towards something so self-indulgent.

Basically, I don’t want to be an “Artist.” My reason is that I don’t believe that only “artists” make art– so do bakers, and writers, and bricklayers.

Speaking of indulgent (!) here’s a self portrait from last semester:

“Deconstructed Self Portrait”




I know it looks like false eyelashes, but actually I overlapped two different self-portraits of myself, one looking down and one looking directly at the camera.

Anyways, about that art question, I figure here are my options:

  • Anonymously mail art to names I choose out of the phonebook
  • Start to give art as gifts (note to self: will require money for framing)
  • Become a guerrilla artist and start replacing public ads with art
  • Become old and crotchety, and leave everything piled up in my musty old house until someday I die and leave a massive body of work behind me. The point? I’m not sure.
  • …other suggestions?


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