Stamp Yo Self

Stamp carving is a serious indulgence for me. I don’t do scrapbooking or little cheesy projects that will just gather dust on my shelf, so I feel like I have to find creative uses for stamps. And really, I like the carving more than I like stamping.

My point is, if you know of any art-exchanges, collaborative art mailings, or if you’re interested in doing a collaborative work with me, drop me a line!

StampsMy most recent carvings

Chicken StampCloud StampECO stampSee? I told you I’m trying to be productive. These can, uh, go on ECO posters…?

ACW stamp“Yes, there will be a day when I need to stamp my initials on something. Perhaps my underwear.”

Strawberry StampFlowerbucket StampI’ve never carved something so detailed before (this is 2.5″ tall), but I’m pleased with the results.

Stamped Card 2This was a thank-you card.


2 Responses to “Stamp Yo Self”

  1. 1 beth livermore June 19, 2010 at 8:57 am

    Hi there,
    Do you sell your stamps?
    If so, for how much?
    I’m particularly interested in your chicken.

  2. 2 Cole June 20, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    Hi Beth,

    I haven’t sold my stamps before, but I would definitely be willing to! Why don’t you send me an email ( and we can discuss it.


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