An Inky Return

I returned home to two packages. The first was an order from Jerry’s Artarama, on which I will provide a side note:


SIDE NOTE: I would much rather purchase art supplies from my local art store, because it’s dusty and trendy and it’s fun to get lost in there, but there’s no way I can afford to pay $33.00 for a block of nice watercolor paper, much less two blocks. So, my tactic is to purchase small and open stock items from them, and then I keep an eye for sales on art supply websites.

TANGENT TO SIDE NOTE: So, that’s one [more] reason to get rich: you have the power to funnel your money in good places, instead of being forced to feed corporations.

The other package was pretty much the antithesis to an internet order. That is, a super-generous gift from a fellow member over at the Fountain Pen Network, who had some ink samples and was looking to pass them on. I was expecting 4 or 5 ink samples, so let’s just pretend I didn’t make a cartoony eye-bulging face when I opened up the box and found twenty full samples of ink, none of which I’ve tried before.

Also generously included were twelve outstanding vintage nibs for dip pens. I’ve been using cheapo Speedball nibs to do my ink reviews (another financial compromise), so I got a little glow-y when I saw these. Almost all of them are flexible– the Joseph Gillott’s Public Pen has the most flex, I would say.

Okay, yeah, on to the sexy photos:

Dip Nibs3

Assorted Nibs

I love the Congressional’s cross-shaped vent hole, and the simplicity of the Joseph Gillott Public Pen. In fact, I just love the design of these in general.

Dip Nibs2

Nib Testing

I have clearly not mastered the art of flex nibs. But, now I have an excuse to practice 🙂


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