Emergency Update!

This is the reason that I’ve failed to post in almost a week:


Yes, the Apple Screen of Death.

And lo, I am without a laptop.

I’m not anti-technology. Obviously. I have a blog. I’ve written about this before, when I made the decision to get an iPhone, and when I introduced the concept of Rurality through Neil Postman’s book “Amusing Ourselves to Death.” Rurality has a way of checking my life when I get too stressed, too focused, too urban.

So of course the past week has been unusually warm and sunny, and of course a friend of mine lost her cell phone at the same moment that my laptop broke. This friend and I, we’ve have been remembering how to (gasp!) plan ahead when we’re going to see each other. More importantly, we’ve had to be accountable for those plans. No last-minute ditching– that’s an urban thing. That’s an immature thing. Rural living emphasizes accountability: you have to devote energy and time to your friendships with other people. A girl can’t facebook her way through life.


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