Return of a Laptop and Aesthetic Notetaking

I’m back from my horrible computer-fail. Let’s review the pros and cons of my laptop-lessness:


  • Gave me more excuses to get outside. Sunny Autumn days are unmistakably superior to blog-browsing.
  • Forced me to be extra-responsible/ accountable. Having to plan ahead when I’m going to write/print my papers is a good exercise in self-discipline.
  • Forced me use the public computer labs. Using public systems (from computer laps to transportation) is always healthier, socially and environmentally.


  • The Apple repair fee. Enough said.
  • Realizing that my school has no program or general support for students that don’t own their own computers– which is clearly representative of a certain mentality towards student wealth.
  • Not being able to network via computer. I missed a Skype interview, and have been neglecting this blog!

So, to make up for the past week, here are some of my notes from this semester:

doodles 1

Doodles 3Doodles 12Doodles 14Doodles 17Doodles 18


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