Pelikan 120

So I found a Pelikan 120 at my father’s office yesterday– he’s an architect, and I’ve been raiding his toolkit for as long as I can remember. Despite having sat around for a few years, it needed nothing more than a quick flush before I could ink it up and test it out. I used Lamy black because it’s the only bottled ink I have at the house right now. As it turns out, the quality is still pretty good! It lays down a crisp, fine line and flexes nicely (click on the image for a closer view).

The Pelikan 120 is a lower-end version of the 140, and apparently came in three versions: from the looks of this one, it seems to be the 2nd version which was picked up by many artists and architects.

The only flaw is that the nib is a bit scratchy on strokes to the right… I drew a circle on the sample page to show where the scratchy section was. After a bit of research, I found that you can smooth a scratchy nib on kraft paper, so I did that (very carefully) and it’s much smoother now. Certainly not buttery, but it doesn’t catch the paper now. Hooray!



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  1. 1 John June 8, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    I have one of these pens. I bought it in about 1976 in a office supply store while I was going to college. I wrote notebooks of college notes with it and the only complaint I had about it was that it would run out of ink during most hour long lectures. Mine was scratchy too, but was cured in the same way you mentioned so long ago. It was a good beginner pen with a classic look. I have one extra nib for it also that I bought in 1978. Just in case I guess.

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