Ten Blogtastic Resolutions

I suppose it’s that time of year for goal-making. BUT, for the record, I feel that I should be making goals all the time. New Years Eve is just a good excuse, I suppose– a way to align yourself with all the other people who are craving a blank slate.

1. Post more about feminism and farming, and less about art and pens. (I think this is seasonal, though– obviously I’m farming more often in the summer, and making more art in the dreary academic wintertime)

2. Continue blogging, even across the Great Divide (i.e. graduation) in May.

3. Don’t let my lust for art supplies make me more consumerist. It’s really easy for a blog about art supplies, or office supplies, or about shopping, to basically encourage readers to want things they don’t need. So that’s a related sub-goal: I refuse to become an “eco-friendly” bullshit blog. Interacting with the environment is way more infinite and important than a trend.

4. Write a damn good senior thesis –and make a few posts about it!

5. Graduate with a Plan. Yeah, that’d be good.

6. Graduate into the world as an open person. A kind person. A woman not afraid of her own capabilities, and not afraid to open her own doors. Also, full of humility and love– a person you want around, because your heart feels full and adventurous.

6. Become more open with my family. Sigh. Irrelevant to this blog, but still necessary.

7. Invest in a really nice (but not extravagant) pen. Nothing jewel-encrusted, please. Oh, and Self, make sure to write many beautiful letters to beautiful friends with this pen.

8. Do something with my art. Maybe make some prints available on here? Or even better, sell the originals?

9. Network more. This requires a bit of free time, but there’s no point in having a blog if you’re not going to participate in the things that the digital community can offer

10. And don’t forget: its a blog, not real life. I don’t usually forget about this, but it’s worth writing down anyways. The digital community won’t grow you any vegetables, or snuggle with you in a hammock in the late afternoon…


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