Life Lessons from a Desk

I’ve been putting off a confession for a few weeks now: that I (farmer-feminist-writer-and-technology-skeptic, firmly situated in the grassroots) am working a desk job. A Desk Job.

–But it’s not what you think! …Well, it’s kind of what you’d think. I do in fact sit at a desk. And yes, I do most of my work on a computer.

On the plus side, I’m working for a Public Relations firm that represents natural and organic food. I have a lot of respect for this company. The founder/president lives on a farm, after all; there’s not much more that a PR person can do to connect with food than that.

In fact, the whole office gang is pretty darn excellent. And did I mention the kitchen? ….that I (oops) don’t have a picture of? (But just take my word that it’s big and beautiful)

Or the office setting, that I DO have a picture of?

Despite being a bit sequestered in the Intern Alcove, I really respect the approach that this company takes, both in their larger values and in their day-to-day practice– the way they run a meeting, for example. And I love that part of my job is reading environmental news and food blogs. I feel more in touch with politics than I have in a while.

The downside? Staring at a low-resolution Windows laptop is frying my brain. It exhausts me much more than a day of farming every did. It exhausts me in a way that drains me mentally, so that it’s hard to write, or read (much less blog– my apologies!) in the evening.

If I had to pinpoint a devil in the workplace, it is this: database maintenance.

…that, or inefficient operating systems. I can’t decide which.

But somebody (read: interns) has got to do it. The more I learn about our clients– as people, not companies –the easier it becomes to do the shit work for them. Without knowing the purpose, that sort of work is dreadful (which is why I hate the specialization of labor in today’s work force).

I’m also having to negotiate a new relationship with the internet, especial social media. But that’s a loooong thought that will follow in a future post.

But yes, it’s funny, how all this desk-sitting comes back to dirt and seeds. Needless to say, this is a musing that is TO BE CONTINUED…


2 Responses to “Life Lessons from a Desk”

  1. 1 Naomi July 10, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    I got a good laugh out of this. Me, my computer at work is fast – but has (are you ready?) 1/2 gig of memory. As a result, it can take an hour to print out less than 10 pages of a highly detailed PDF because (are you ready?) printer is a LaserJet 5 from about 1990.

    I’m lucky to have running water and electricity, eh?!

  1. 1 Four Things I’m Digging « The Orchard Trackback on July 17, 2010 at 6:24 pm

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