Technical Updates (with Pictoral Evidence)

As you can see, I've been moving. Messily.

I’ve been packing a lot into these last few weeks of summer, including an apartment change and taking a friend back to school across the country, so please pardon my sparse posting recently. The good news is that I’ve just moved into a place with internet (!!) And so I’ll be dependent on it once more– which is good for you all, at least.

So, instead of sorting through that mess of boxes, I spent this morning doing some maintenance around The Orchard. I’ve finally been able to update the PortfolioPaper & Pen, and Essays pages. I was also able to update my digital “business card” on the Portfolio page–because apparently it’s had a typo for the past four months that I’ve totally failed to notice. Kind of embarrassing– unless someone did want to hire a “grahic designer.”

Updated Digital Business Card


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