Spots, Nooks, and Spaces – The Porch

Sometimes I like to show off little corners I’ve found: places with good feng shui, places that invite you to curl up in them. View my previous posts here: Part 1Part 2Part 3.

The porch

“I do not, indeed, commend it for any beauty, per se, but as being an honest, well-intended shelter and resting-place, which could be grafted upon many an old-style farm-house, with bare door, and set off its barrenness, with quaint, simple lines of hospitality, that would add more to the real effect of the home than a cumbrous series of joiner’s arches of tenfold its cost.”

From “The Horticulturist, And Journal Of Rural Art And Rural Taste” by P. Barry, A. J. Downing, J. Jay Smith, Peter B. Mead, F. W. Woodward, Henry T. Williams

Have I mentioned how much I love porches? (Because, I really love porches). They’re beautiful architecturally but also important socially: a town with porches is a town where people talk to each other. And houses with porches are inviting; they allow mobility. They’re open.

No wonder those European nobles liked to build castles instead.

Bonus Reading:

This interview with Paula Wallace, author of Perfect Porches (hee!)

Porch Appeal, an article by architect James M. Crisp

How did the front porch become so popular?


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