In other words, a bit more professional than spastic photo blog posts.

Articles and Essays

How To Be A Starving Artist (With A Full Belly)

Escape and Awareness
How a Generation of Readers is Dealing with a Multimedia World

Postscript to a Monologue
How The Vagina Monologues Fails to Liberate
Winner of the 2010 George B. Ogden Prize

Hey! There are People Different Than You
The First Step to Defeating Racial Oppression is a Simple Visual Cue

In Defense of an iPhone
Integrating Technology Into a Ruralist’s Life

Why I Don’t Use Moleskine
A Journaler’s DIY Manifesto

Is Your Writing Disposable? Didn’t Think So
Environmentalism for Pen Addicts

Two Gifts, and Two Artistic Tensions
When an Artist Faces Technology and a Market Economy

Gender Performance and Transgression
Or, “Why I Have Short Hair”

Accents, Vernaculars, & Slang

Observations on Boulder, Colorado
Part 1 | Part 2

A Spoonful of Skepticism
How to be Pragmatic when Everything Gives You Cancer

A Semi-Autobiographical Account of the Politics of Blogging
Or, “Geez, I Didn’t Expect that Rodeo Post To Get Featured”

Why Don’t Intellectuals Go To The Rodeo?
Rodeo Culture as Cultural Metaphor


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Art adventures, literary hangovers, rural politics and other songs worth sharing.

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