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Speaking of Self Indulgent…

I’m on such an art roll– I’m finally photographing all this work I’ve had lying around.

Which made me wonder– what’s a girl to do with all her art when she’s not an artist? I don’t go to art school, and I don’t plan to make this my primary source of income. I don’t produce enough quantity to open an Etsy shop, nor would I have the time to maintain one. I don’t have enough cohesion in my pieces to approach a gallery about having a show, so basically… basically what?

I’m no Marxist, but I believe firmly in productivity. And while art is absolutely a therepeutic thing for me, I don’t feel comfortable devoting so much time and money towards something so self-indulgent.

Basically, I don’t want to be an “Artist.” My reason is that I don’t believe that only “artists” make art– so do bakers, and writers, and bricklayers.

Speaking of indulgent (!) here’s a self portrait from last semester:

“Deconstructed Self Portrait”




I know it looks like false eyelashes, but actually I overlapped two different self-portraits of myself, one looking down and one looking directly at the camera.

Anyways, about that art question, I figure here are my options:

  • Anonymously mail art to names I choose out of the phonebook
  • Start to give art as gifts (note to self: will require money for framing)
  • Become a guerrilla artist and start replacing public ads with art
  • Become old and crotchety, and leave everything piled up in my musty old house until someday I die and leave a massive body of work behind me. The point? I’m not sure.
  • …other suggestions?


Charcoal Gesture Drawings

Didn’t get a chance to post these last time… 





Gesture Drawings in Vine Charcoal

I’ve been overwhelmed with work the past few weeks, and it doesn’t look like it will be easing up anytime soon. My drawing class requires a lot of time in the studio, and sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time when I should be working on a paper.

Fortunately, we’ve begun to do some figure drawing, which is very therapeutic for me. I had forgotten how beautiful women’s bodies are. The first class that we worked with our model, I spent the whole time aching.







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