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I Graduated! (From College!)

Damn Straight, Magna Cum Laude

I’m going through some Major Life Transitions (MLT’s!) right now, which may result in sparser posting. But who knows! It may also result in more frequent posting. If all goes as planned, I’ll be filled with all the creative energy of change, and I look forward to sharing the art and writing that emerges from that.


Exams and More on the Horizon

This week is my last week of college.

…which is scary.

And that’s the thesis of this post. There are so many things I need to sit down and work through (emotionally, financially) before graduating. All I know is that I’m moving to Boulder, Colorado in one month, and I need all the connections, help, and employment that I can get.

My final project for my figure drawing class is a seven-foot-tall portrait of myself. From head to toe. It has been incredibly time consuming, but also very meditative: I’ve spent hours with a bottle of white wine, just shading. I feel like it should be challenging me to do some self-reflection, but that hasn’t happened yet.


ECO Buttons for Earth Day

I’m head of the environmental organization on my campus, and we’ve been selling buttons and giving them away as prizes for Week of Sustainability. In past years we’ve had pre-designed buttons, but this year I decided to do some artwork for them. Here are the results.

Reading Spots, Nooks, and Spaces (Part 3)

Discovered this nook in the art building at my college the other day. It’s freezing cold in the winter, but has some of the best natural lighting, gothic architecture coziness (does that even exist?), and great views out over the campus.

Ode to My Major

We are beings-in-process. At every stage of self-discovery, we look back reinterpret the past, gleaning for clues that we would eventually come to here.

Back in Charlottesville, Virginia, I lean against the columns of the historic lawn at UVa to smoke a cigarette and shelter myself from the rain. I’m the only one standing still in the current of umbrella’d students scurrying to classes, restaurants, coffee shops.

Funny how a place is more emotion than geography.

I heard the other day that a close friend from high school is a creative writing major. Good, I thought, that he should end up where he should be. I wonder if he couldn’t shake the same impulse that I am always fighting—the sneaking knowledge that writing is the best way to sort through things internal and external. Things past and present. And did he sort through me the way I sorted through him?

I have a memory of pestering him to include me in an essay. I think I wanted confirmation that I wasn’t the only one encountering real life through writing. He said he did, but never showed me the result.

In Alderman library, I wonder how I would’ve been at a school of 30,000 students instead of 1600. I count down the days till I return to school, and from then until graduation. These sorts of anxieties are best calmed by a pen—this break has already produced ten poems.

I will write my way from Charlottesville back to Gambier, and from the past back into the present (and onward)

Return of a Laptop and Aesthetic Notetaking

I’m back from my horrible computer-fail. Let’s review the pros and cons of my laptop-lessness:


  • Gave me more excuses to get outside. Sunny Autumn days are unmistakably superior to blog-browsing.
  • Forced me to be extra-responsible/ accountable. Having to plan ahead when I’m going to write/print my papers is a good exercise in self-discipline.
  • Forced me use the public computer labs. Using public systems (from computer laps to transportation) is always healthier, socially and environmentally.


  • The Apple repair fee. Enough said.
  • Realizing that my school has no program or general support for students that don’t own their own computers– which is clearly representative of a certain mentality towards student wealth.
  • Not being able to network via computer. I missed a Skype interview, and have been neglecting this blog!

So, to make up for the past week, here are some of my notes from this semester:

doodles 1

Doodles 3Doodles 12Doodles 14Doodles 17Doodles 18

Gender Through Design

I’ve been swamped with work lately! Luckily, a lot of the work is art- and design-related, so I have things to post.

I haven’t explicitly mentioned this before, but please note that all of the work I post here is protected under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative License. Which means that you can take and post these images elsewhere as long as my name/blog are credited and linked; you may not use them for commercial purposes; and you may not alter or edit the image in any way.

Over the past few years I’ve designed a few posters and t-shirts for the women’s center at my college. The media is one of the primary ways that we receive messages about gender– and this goes for both men and women. Sociological Images is a great blog that often has good examples of gender messages in the media. Dealing with gender and race when designing for the media is always a challenge: one has to be always conscious, always alert. And yet somehow, the creative process itself is always empowering.

56percent poster sm

I made this poster this weekend for 56%, a publication through the women’s center. The original tagline, when the mag was first founded, was “writing for, by, and about women.” It has since changed to “a gender-conscious publication,” and this year, “a magazine with a focus on gender and sexuality.” This piece was done in watercolor and india ink (except for the text at the bottom, which was added digitally). Below are some poster headers that I used the last two years.

56percent header sm


And this (below) I made this a few years ago for a night of music by women:

Crozier_music sm

I also have two t-shirt designs for Love Your Body Day, but that’s actually coming up soon so I’ll have a third design to post… perhaps they’ll get a post of their own.

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