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Block Printing (or, How to Market the “Rural Look”)


One of the benefits to starting a local food distribution business is the many haphazard, DIY projects that spontaneously need doing. Sometimes this can be a total pain (e.g., when I’m planting a field of asparagus and my boss suddenly needs meat sorted and fridges cleaned), but it can also be a pleasant surprise (when, say, I suddenly need to design, carve, and print a stamp for his delivery bags).


So I spent some quality time with the Speedball stamp carving tools, and came up with two designs: a rooster and strawberries. My friend O., who was helping with this project, compared the process of carving stamps to “trimming cuticles.” Very accurate, I’d say.

To be honest, I feel a little yucky after this project. I don’t like the marketing side of food– I think it’s sad enough that we need advertising to convince us to eat healthy foods. I also don’t like when my boss instructs me to make something look “farm-y,” basically reducing a complex and fraught way of life to a children’s book cliche. I might as well have put a man in overalls and an ear of corn on the stamp.





The Gourmet Side of Farming

This is an elaboration on my Summerfeast post.

In case it sounds like I’ve been eating granola and soil-covered vegetables all summer, I figured I should share some photos of the less stereotypical farm food that has been on my plate lately…


Whole wheat waffles with home-brewed cauldron syrup, fresh whipped cream and strawberries


Chicory coffee with fresh whipped cream and cinnamon

Chicory coffee with fresh whipped cream and cinnamon


Salad with strawberries and goat cheese

Shepherds Pie

Shepherd's Pie (okay, this one is a little stereotypical...)


Return of the Sunny Day


After four days of spring thunderstorms, it finally dried out to a hot sunny Virginia day today. Good timing for my visit to the  Charlottesville city market this morning,  where I listened to the folk band, bagpipe player, and women playing ukeleles as I shopped. Came home with spring onions, broccoli, fresh bread, and some late asparagus (yum!), and then spent several hours in the fields planting watermelons.

I can only conclude, then, that the Recipe for the Good Life is food + music + sun.

Good For Your Soul #39: Lambs


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