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ECO Buttons for Earth Day

I’m head of the environmental organization on my campus, and we’ve been selling buttons and giving them away as prizes for Week of Sustainability. In past years we’ve had pre-designed buttons, but this year I decided to do some artwork for them. Here are the results.


Springtime Posters

Springtime at my college is always chaotically busy, in the way that makes you sort of black out, so that when you look back on this time in the fall you won’t remember an entire two months of your year.

One event we have coming up for ECO (our campus environmental organization) is Earthfest, a music festival on Earth Day. I worked on the poster the other day, then processed it digitally. Now off to the print shop!

in the sketchbook

after processing

Block Printing (or, How to Market the “Rural Look”)


One of the benefits to starting a local food distribution business is the many haphazard, DIY projects that spontaneously need doing. Sometimes this can be a total pain (e.g., when I’m planting a field of asparagus and my boss suddenly needs meat sorted and fridges cleaned), but it can also be a pleasant surprise (when, say, I suddenly need to design, carve, and print a stamp for his delivery bags).


So I spent some quality time with the Speedball stamp carving tools, and came up with two designs: a rooster and strawberries. My friend O., who was helping with this project, compared the process of carving stamps to “trimming cuticles.” Very accurate, I’d say.

To be honest, I feel a little yucky after this project. I don’t like the marketing side of food– I think it’s sad enough that we need advertising to convince us to eat healthy foods. I also don’t like when my boss instructs me to make something look “farm-y,” basically reducing a complex and fraught way of life to a children’s book cliche. I might as well have put a man in overalls and an ear of corn on the stamp.




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