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The First Change Was Seasonal

Boulder’s had a seriously extended summer: I’ve been wearing tank tops until this past Monday.

But when you walk home in snow and wake up to pretty frost patterns, it’s hard to deny that cold weather is upon us.



Typeface, graphic design, and graffiti: three of my favorite things brought together into ONE fantastic project!

Basically, this guy went around photographing graffiti, and certain styles of lettering kept coming up (obviously). So then these patterns were turned into a font– badass.

Click on any word, and then any letter, to see the original photograph of the pieces in which that letter style first appeared.

Summer in Fujicolor

What has my life been lately– a few low-internet, high-humidity months:

Blessed. Privileged. Hard work.

Saturated in history and dirt.


A Roll of Film Developed

These were taken a couple weeks ago at the farm. The large contraption that appears in several of the images is an industrial water pump (or, at least, the hose)– a project that took up several days for me and my farming partner.

I made those!

Jamie. That's actually a river, twenty feet below.



In conclusion,

I love Virginia, especially Virginia farmland.

Rural culture is undervalued, and under attack.

Nonetheless, heirloom tomatoes are still shockingly delicious.

When growing food, one often also grows healthy in the heart.

More Reasons Why the U.S. is Like a Sci-Fi Movie

Ah, the 4th of July.

The one day a year that you can use that random “fireworks” scene setting on your digital camera.


I was struck by how many tiny screens seemed to be glowing on the field in front of me: people’s iphones, cameras, etc. I kept mine in my lap, occasionally pressing the shutter button but refusing to look at the lcd screen or the viewfinder. Instead, I snuggled up to my date for the evening and enjoyed what may be the last ever McIntire Park fireworks.

Looking over those pictures now, it’s fascinating to see what a different image the camera was able to capture. It seems I took pictures of some strange sculptures of light; sci-fi landscapes, or neon light figurines.

Fireworks 8Frireworks 7Fireworks 2Fireworks 4Fireworks 5Fireworks 3Fireworks 11Fireworks 10Fireworks 6Fireworks 9fireworks1

On another note, the aforementioned date told me that the 4th of July is one of the two busiest nights for the ER because of injuries and deaths from fireworks. Apparently, several people die every year from fireworks, and a lot more people blow off a limb or something.

My [somewhat morbid] first response was, “hm, death by fireworks would make a great ending for a short story.” My second response was, “why the fuck is this the way that we celebrate the United States?” When a bunch of teenagers get drunk and blow off an arm, are they casualties of our patriotic celebration? Should they get some kind of award?

I found this somewhat less-than-professional website that nonetheless brought up a good point:

“Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms kill around 450,000 people each year and fireworks kill around 10 people each year. Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms are legal in every state. Fireworks are not.”


Happy birthday, young country. I hope these growing pains are worth it.

Five Really Good Things


Festival of the Photograph

Last weekend my native town (Charlottesville, VA) was covered in urbanite photographers here for the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph. I’m not nearly serious enough about photography to warrant paying for some of the workshops or lectures, but I did manage to browse some of the galleries, and spend a wonderful Saturday night eating hot fresh doughnuts and watching the photographic projections at the Charlottesville Pavillion. I did take some notes during that event, so look for more on that soon.

(p.s. I yanked those images from the LOOK3 website, which didn’t have a photographer credited. But all credit goes to them and the site!)


Rhodia Drive Raffle Giveaway

I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of the Rhodia Summer Raffle Giveaways over at RhodiaDrive! I’m looking forward to a box of notebooks, stationary, and inks– what more could an art supply fetishist ask for?



Financial Aid Increase

I received my financial aid package for this upcoming year at Kenyon– an event which, for the past two years, has ranged from “highly disappointing” to “oh shit I’m going to have to sell my eggs.” Needless to say, I spent much of last year pushing the school to give me the aid that I deserve– and it looks like it paid off! It’s not as though I’ll be financially comfy this year or anything, but it does feel SO good to know that my work has gotten some recognition.


Leaving the Tiki Trailer

Some friends of mine are spending a few weeks in France, so I’ll finally be able to move out of the ugly tiki-decorated trailer that I’ve been inhabiting for the past two months. I’ll be taking care of their house and organic garden, the fruits/vegetables of which I can take freely. It’ll be nice to have some income, and to be a little closer to town. 



Central Virginia Farms

I spent all day yesterday driving around central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley, picking up food from the famous Polyface Farm, Cherry Ridge Farm, and others. Of course I didn’t have any camera except a phone on me, so the pictures are sub-par. At Polyface, we were lucky enough to arrive on slaughter day. I’ll elaborate more on this later, but if you’ve read The Omnivore’s Dilemma you know that this is a very fun day to visit. What Michael Pollan didn’t mention, though, is that the farming Apprentices aresome seriously handsome young men.


0617091437b 2


If I hadn’t already fallen back in love with my homeland, I certainly did yesterday.

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