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Radial Safe Spaces


Artistic composition is either  symmetrical, asymmetrical, crystallographic, or radial. Radial art is often the least common, and tends to appear more in religious or meditative art, rather than in the “art world” (whatever that means…). There is something innately soothing about the circle, while over the last century Art-capital-A has tended toward shock and discomfort. 

Frankly, the “real world” (whatever that means…) is shocking and discomforting enough for me. When I work visually–drawing, painting, doodling, etc.– I want  to be in a safe space. I don’t mean that I’m an escapist– art and the process of creation should be thoughtful, thought-provoking, opening new doors and saying something about the world. But we already live in a world where nothing is sacred, and it’s good to find a sacred space.

Circles, found everywhere in nature, are both a space and process. Planets orbit in circles; both trees and hurricanes grow in circles. Pupils, seashells, mandalas– these shape reflects the process of creation itself, which is not linear and progressive, but rather interconnected and expansive. 


my mandala doodle


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