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Amtrak Moments

1. Sunrise in Nebraska 2. Lonely farms 3. New reading 4. Knitting to Impress 5. Chicago Station 6. West Virginia 7. Knitting at Sunset 8. Delayed in Virginia 9. Delayed at Sunset

A Week of Sunsets

After an exhausting 14 hours on the road yesterday, I’m finally back from dropping my brother off at school in Florida. I’m very freckly. I’m slowly scanning my drawings and art journal from the trip, but in the meantime, here’s a week of ocean sunsets!

Sunsets Nights 1&2Sunsets Night 4&5Sunset Night 5Sunsets Night 6

Of course I always hope that this is the right place for my brother, but I was reminded this past week that urban beaches are not the right place for me.

On the way back, we stopped at a nature park preserve and walked along the beach– the ocean in front and the dunes behind us. Not a building in sight. Perfect.

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