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Writers Who Paint, Painters Who Write

Funny how moving into an apartment makes you remember all the little things you don’t own, and have always borrowed.

…like pencil sharpeners.

I’ve been doing a lot of art lately, including a large acrylic painting for the wall of our apartment. I haven’t painted in a very long time, so it was a good exercise. Art is a good balance to writing, which I’ve also been doing a lot of. I’m beginning to submit to chapbook competitions– mustn’t let my poetry major die after graduation! And because writing requires so much critical thought, so much paying attention… Art is like therapy for a writer.


Corners, Nooks, and Spaces (part 2)

me at the office, 2005

I like a clean space for creativity. Because creativity can get, umm, messy.

I’ve written about this before. I don’t have a type A personality, really; it’s more that I appreciate the aesthetics of a good space. Sometimes messy spaces can have great creative vibes (case in point: this beautiful studio from hens teeth on Flickr), but sometimes they can totally impede creativity. Example:  “I have a thought (/image) which needs writing down(!) …and, shit, wait, where is my pencil? Commence scrambling through: the piles of papers/the abyss of an art supply drawer/the bedsheets.

My Father-The-Architect has a fantastic office; I remember going there after school as a kid. He’d give me a set of Prismacolors and let me render an elevation drawing for the afternoon. Beautiful.

I’ve worked on and off with his office since high school, but it’s still one of my favorite spaces for working on my own creative projects.

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